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Bitcoin has been headlining in the news for the past year after the value of bitcoin jumped over 1000% from $15 to over $1000 in value! People are now discovering that this virtual currency offers massive investment potential.
If you have heard about bitcoin but don’t know where to start then look no further. My book “Bitcoin Step By Step For Beginners: How To Invest and Profit From Bitcoin Today!” is exactly that. A step by step bitcoin guide detailing everything you need to know to get started in your bitcoin investment journey.

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Why is it hard to buy bitcoin with PayPal?

Why is it hard to buy bitcoin with payPal? At date of publication, users cannot buy bitcoins with payPal the conventional way. However in my article, “How to buy bitcoins with credit card” I give you a simple method to actually do this. But first lets look at why buying bicoins with paypal is such an issue. There are a few reasons for this.


Chargebacks on PayPal can happen when the customer in a deal requests their money back because of any number of issues listed in PayPal’s terms of service. There is, however, no way for the seller to force the customer to give them back the bitcoins they sold, so trading bitcoins can be risky for sellers, who have no guaranteed safety net if a chargeback is filed.

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Is bitcoin mining profitable?

As bitcoin’s popularity grows, more and more people aren’t simply content to purchase it—they want to help run the system. This is part of what makes bitcoin such a unique currency, and it’s part of the draw for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Helping run the system benefits both the general bitcoin community and the individual miner, but is it actually worth the time it takes?


Let’s look at what it takes to get set up as a miner.


First, you’ll need to buy hardware. It is impossible to mine bitcoin on a regular computer with nothing added to it. You need specialized equipment, and this is going to cost money. Getting started as a bitcoin miner is just like setting up any other business. You’re an entrepreneur now, and it’s going to take an initial investment to kick start your new self-run business.

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What is bitcoin mining?


What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process of confirming bitcoin transactions and earning new bitcoins in reward for the work. According to Bitcoin’s official website, “Anybody can become a Bitcoin miner by running software with specialized hardware.” This is absolutely true. Bitcoin’s policy of being a free currency allows anyone with the time and computing power to mine bitcoins.

Because bitcoin is traded over a peer-to-peer network, bitcoin mining machines can tune in to the network and pick out transactions. The user running the machine then processes and confirms these transactions.

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What is Bitcoin?

So, what is bitcoin? Bitcoin is virtual money—an entirely digital currency. Transferred via a peer-to-peer payment system that has absolutely no involvement in any particular government, it is equally uncontrolled by any sort of federal force, making it one the freest forms of payment to move into circulation.


Bitcoin hit the market in 2009 as an open source software, created in order to give consumers a currency that wasn’t bound by traditional currency issues—bitcoin doesn’t have to have a matching amount of gold stored away somewhere in order to be used, and there’s no worry about it wearing out and needing to be replaced, since it doesn’t physically exist (traditionally; there have been movements toward potentially printing it out and allowing for bitcoin ATMs).

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