Bitcoin in the News

MovieTickets introduces bitcoin as a new payment option

Watching newly-released movies in theaters has become a lot easier and a lot more convenient nowadays. Unlike before when moviegoers have to fall in line at ticket booths to get an admission, anybody interested can now check and book seats over the Internet. Moreover, people can check the viewing schedule for their much awaited movie by going to their movie theater’s official web site. All this and more assure moviegoers a pleasurable and convenient movie experience.

Just when you thought that’s all, movie ticketing companies are surely committed to making their customers’ life easy. MovieTickets is no exception.

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Ransomware causing millions of Bitcoin losses

Last June 23, 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a report detailing the significant threat of ransomware to individuals and businesses in the US. Largely known to block computer systems until money is paid, ransomware has caused huge financial blows as it has stolen millions of dollars from victims. Novice computer users or those who are not technically inclined often fall prey as they easily get alarmed by the somewhat legitimate-looking page covering their computer screen. Who would ever ignore an FBI page claiming some laws have been violated, thus a computer is locked out?  Often, victims are being asked to pay an amount ranging from $200-$10,000 to regain access to their computer.

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Bitcoin’s Greek Connection

Early last week, bitcoin’s price price crossed the $250 mark after hovering at around $225 to $227 for the past couple of weeks. This is good news for the bitcoin community as we haven’t seen this trend for quite a while. Contrary to what others are saying that bitcoin is dead, there obviously is more life onto it and is in fact showing good signs of improvement. But have you ever asked yourself what could have caused this abrupt increase? We’ll round up some interesting facts that could have contributed to bitcoin’s increasing demand.

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Ross William Ulbricht’s Life Sentence: Is It Really Worth It?

As the saying by Maxwell Anderson goes, “All men have crimes, and most of them are hidden.”

Last May 29, 2015, Ross William Ulbricht made headlines as he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for seven felony counts filed in the U.S. Federal Court of Manhattan. Additionally, US District Judge Katherine Forrest has ordered Ulbricht to pay the federal government the amount of $183,961,921 which he got from illegal operations that lasted for over two years. This all happened a few months after he was found guilty of owning and operating Silk Road, an online drug marketplace, which anonymously ran as a Tor service. Ulbricht operated under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts.

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A Sneak Peek on Popper’s New Book Titled “Digital Gold”

Last May 19, 2015, the book entitled “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money,” by Nathaniel Popper was released. In the book, Popper discusses the history and emergence of bitcoin, the ups and downs of the digital currency, and the people who’ve largely contributed into how it is known today. Widely recognized as a technology and business reporter for New York Times, Popper also highlights how ideology, innovation, and materialism have molded cryptocurrency through the years.

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The very thin line between bitcoin and crime

“FBI Agents Arrest Bitcoin Gun Buyer in Sting Operation”

“Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Operator Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud”

“Child sexual abuse websites reported to be accepting bitcoins”


These are just some of the headlines you’ll see about bitcoin being association to crime.

I’m pretty sure most of us are quite tired or bored by all the news about bitcoin’s devaluation. How about bitcoin being used in crimes?

I should say it’s really disturbing how bitcoin has been widely used nowadays by criminals to perform illicit activities.

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Dilemma within the Bitcoin Foundation: What now after Janssens’ revelation?

Last April 4, 2015, the credibility and stability of the Bitcoin Foundation have both been put to test after one of its newest board members claimed that the institution is bankrupt.

Olivier Janssens recently revealed that the electronic currency advocacy group has no money left and that around 90% of its personnel has already been fired. He likewise challenged the integrity of its leadership team which he claimed is mainly focusing on centralizing control over the core development of bitcoin’s freeware.

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United Kingdom: The unanimous financial technology capital of Europe

If only bitcoin happened to be a mortal, it would have been totally bruised and battered after all the fights and controversies it has gone through. Fortunately, it’s continuing to fight its way up, despite negative views from those who don’t totally understand what it really is. If there’s one safe haven where the bitcoin can soothe all the pains and scars, it would be the UK.


Surprised? Well, I honestly can’t blame you. Initially, the Bank of England (BOE) was adamant and critical onto how bitcoin can presumably affect the economy of the country. Now, BOE is one of the firm supporters of digital currency and is just one of those who believe that it can revolutionize the existing banking methods and payment systems.

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Former JP Morgan Chase & Co. executive’s entry in the digital currency trade means more help for the ailing bitcoin

Just when most people thought that it’s about to succumb to scandals and controversies, bitcoin has again tried clawing itself on top. Remarkably, the first quarter of the year 2015 marks several developments that are really helpful for the ailing virtual currency. Worth mentioning are as follows:

Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet service provider, got an investment from the New York Stock Exchange.

TeraExchange became the first publicly-listed company that deals with bitcoins.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust of the Digital Currency Group likewise earned regulatory approval and became the first publicly-traded bitcoin fund.

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Earn bitcoins from a reptilian alien invasion iOS game

There’s nothing even better than playing an iOS game and earning bitcoins at the same time.


Only last March 1, 2015, Tigara Games launched Uranus Attacks! which is its first ever iOS app. The game was developed by Amer Qureshi who for six months also worked on integrating it to the Coinbase application programming interface. This is primarily aimed to reward players, who are able to refer the game to other users, with a small fraction of the bitcoin. The amount of the reward, which is equivalent to around $0.05, is given out in Coinbase wallets.

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