MovieTickets introduces bitcoin as a new payment option

Watching newly-released movies in theaters has become a lot easier and a lot more convenient nowadays. Unlike before when moviegoers have to fall in line at ticket booths to get an admission, anybody interested can now check and book seats over the Internet. Moreover, people can check the viewing schedule for their much awaited movie by going to their movie theater’s official web site. All this and more assure moviegoers a pleasurable and convenient movie experience.

Just when you thought that’s all, movie ticketing companies are surely committed to making their customers’ life easy. MovieTickets is no exception.

MovieTickets, one of the largest online movie ticketing companies in the US, has been in the industry since 2000. Its revenue originates from the service fee proceeds it shares with about 240 cinema chains it is representing now. In behalf of theater chains, MovieTickets manages an e-commerce platform and transacts using credit cards that their theater partners permit.

If you’re used to paying cash or using your credit card, does anyone of you thought of buying movie tickets through bitcoins?

I bet not everybody had a clue that it’s already possible.

Due to customers’ increasing demand for more payment alternatives, MovieTickets has recently included bitcoin as a payment method. The move was likewise influenced by Open Road Films, an independent film distributor whose creative team considered digital currency as an advertising tool for its movie titled “Dope.”

MovieTickets CEO John Cohen admits that taking digital currency as a payment option was initially not a priority. Like a blessing in disguise, the move helped increase sales across the US. Overall, MovieTickets allows customers to buy tickets at over 900 cinemas nationwide. In fact, there are hundreds of transactions involving bitcoins that have already been recorded.

Cohen, for his part, was quite surprised on how bitcoin was positively embraced by the public. Much more, he’s amazed at how the digital currency has extended their company’s offering to a broader audience. As good as it sounds, this doesn’t mean though that everything’s happening as expected.

Cohen sees steep education as one of the challenges that they’d yet to overcome. He claims that several of their theater chain partners are not familiar with bitcoin, so they have to explain to them what the currency really is. They also have to double their efforts in positively introducing the advantages of the digital currency; most especially that it has been widely associated to several illicit activities.




At present, he observes a limited use of bitcoin due to the fact that consumers are still starting to adopt digital currency as a new payment option. Not all people yet are confident enough to enter transactions involving bitcoin. Despite this, he’s certain that bitcoin will soon become a generally-accepted payment method.

The important thing right now is that bitcoin is on its road to recovery and is headed to the right direction of strengthening its value. It may just really take time for people to figure out that bitcoin is as good as it can be.

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