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The very thin line between bitcoin and crime

“FBI Agents Arrest Bitcoin Gun Buyer in Sting Operation”

“Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Operator Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud”

“Child sexual abuse websites reported to be accepting bitcoins”


These are just some of the headlines you’ll see about bitcoin being association to crime.

I’m pretty sure most of us are quite tired or bored by all the news about bitcoin’s devaluation. How about bitcoin being used in crimes?

I should say it’s really disturbing how bitcoin has been widely used nowadays by criminals to perform illicit activities.

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Dilemma within the Bitcoin Foundation: What now after Janssens’ revelation?

Last April 4, 2015, the credibility and stability of the Bitcoin Foundation have both been put to test after one of its newest board members claimed that the institution is bankrupt.

Olivier Janssens recently revealed that the electronic currency advocacy group has no money left and that around 90% of its personnel has already been fired. He likewise challenged the integrity of its leadership team which he claimed is mainly focusing on centralizing control over the core development of bitcoin’s freeware.

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