Earn bitcoins from a reptilian alien invasion iOS game

There’s nothing even better than playing an iOS game and earning bitcoins at the same time.


Only last March 1, 2015, Tigara Games launched Uranus Attacks! which is its first ever iOS app. The game was developed by Amer Qureshi who for six months also worked on integrating it to the Coinbase application programming interface. This is primarily aimed to reward players, who are able to refer the game to other users, with a small fraction of the bitcoin. The amount of the reward, which is equivalent to around $0.05, is given out in Coinbase wallets.


The concept of Qureshi makes sense considering that there are millions, if not billions, of people who own iOS devices. He noted that a lot of these people play games, but there are just around 2 million around the world who hold bitcoins. If everyone is introduced to bitcoins, then there’s a huge possibility that owning a bitcoin will become a mainstream.


This is not the first time Qureshi is introducing the app. He had tried launching it on Android, but his team encountered some issues in the process. He is confident though that they wouldn’t be facing the same problems this time around.


For all those interested, Uranus Attacks! can be purchased for $2.99 only. The app’s proceeds will be used to pay for the referral program and to finance its development. The game can be downloaded on iPhone 5 models or on the newer versions.


Highlights of Uranus Attacks!


Uranus Attacks! is an exciting alien invasion game whose objective is to eliminate all enemies and to collect more money to spend for bombs. Users, who’ll play as cartoon astronauts, will be given 10 minutes to accomplish each mission. There are a total of 13 missions with different difficulty levels as the game progresses.


Players collect virtual in-game bitcoins as they proceed to the next levels. However, these in-game bitcoins cannot be converted to the real-world value of bitcoins due to iOS restrictions.



Specifications of Uranus Attacks!


The game is at the moment available in English only. It is primarily designed to work for iPhone 5 and run on iOS 7.1 or later. This can also be played on iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. Its total size is 37.9 MB.

Moreover, the game is Rated 12+ as it displays intense fantasy or cartoon violence.




Uranus Attacks! is an app with genuine intentions. It’s intended to not just entertain players, but to also introduce them to the real world of virtual or digital currency. It’s a fact that digital currency is not totally there yet on the mainstream, but its potential is high. I am sure there are a lot of people who are interested of embarking on bitcoins, but are just unsure how or where to start. The game is therefore a good way of making people a bit familiar to this new type of currency.


Moreover, this is a very admirable effort by Qureshi who has unselfishly thought of expanding bitcoin to everybody. The app is by far the best way for everyone to enjoyably know or experience digital currency.

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