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US politicians to soon accept bitcoin donations

American politicians are now able to take bitcoin as legal political contributions, but maybe not anonymously, after a ruling by the US federal election commission.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has dominated that political leaders and political action committees (Pacs) – impartial political campaign groups which do not have their contributions capped – can accept bitcoin, which should subsequently be treated like other inkind donations such as stocks and shares.

This means that individuals and groups who accept the currency must change it in to US dollars, and deposit these dollars in to a campaign account, rather than investing the bitcoin directly.

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Swiss hotel now accepting bitcoin

Swiss hotel now accepting bitcoin.

BRUGG — After 125 years of peaceful existence, the Gotthard hotel, in this modest Swiss city, has unexpectedly landed in the limelight. Its operator Roger Widmer and his poker companion, Martin Ammann, decided to join the worldwide Bitcoin payment bandwagon as a way to “seem cool” and pull students from encompassing universities.

The thought worked. Combined with the pupils, journalists and tv cameras, along with a tide of Bitcoin enthusiasts from Germany and Switzerland, have found its way to the hotel in Brugg for the opportunity to see what it’s like to use the new digital currency in the real market of the Swiss Alps.

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